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Speciality Coffee for Every Taste

Having an amazing experience every morning is SOOO worth it!  By relaxing with our superior roasted coffees, we know your days will be amazing too!

We work with our roasters to provide you the best available coffee beans at reasonable prices.

We are a family owned company that is dedicated to you!

Little Farm & Coffee Subscriptions

Coffee Club’s
Starter Kit

This starter kit consists of 6 unique blends & single origins:

6Bean Blend

Cowboy Blend

Breakfast Blend

Peru Single Origin

Mexico Single Origin

Bali Single Origin

Each of these coffees come in 2 oz packets.  The perfect size to find your perfect coffee

 Coffee Club’s
Roaster’s Picks

Bali Single Origin

This certified organic coffee is a medium to dark roast with dark chocolate, molasses & brown sugar taste profiles.  Bali is grown in volcanic loam, hand-picked and dried on raised beds.

Coffee of the

Better Coffee from a Great World

A coffee bean can grow in many places in this world.  A better coffee bean takes the perfect combination of soil, environment, water & a coffee grower's attention to all.  Our coffee growers spend their careers looking after not just the coffee beans in your wonderful drink but they spend a tremendous amount of time cultivating and caring for the great environment where they grow them.  

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